For Great Painters and Great Result

The idea behind the new Anza Pro assortment is simple; from now on it will be easier to choose painting tools that suit both the task to be done and the painters preference. This way, we enable professional painters to increase their efficiency and get the best results in any kind of painting project.

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We already know that professional painters are creatures of habit. They all have their favourite brushes and rollers, and they won’t replace them without good reason. At the same time, we have learned that the painting feel, especially when it comes to brushes, is almost as important to painters as high-quality filaments, ferrules, and handles. We also understand that different painters prefer different kinds of painting feel, either a softer or stiffer feel.

To find the right balance between brush performance and painting feel, we have worked closely together with professional painters, trying out several prototypes with different kinds of paint. Along the way we have also reduced the number of quality levels for brushes and rollers and added improved guidance to packaging and labels.

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